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Not a bad lil' shooter. A little too easy and basic AI, but nice modelling and environments.

For truly Oldschool warriors, the game is indeed easy! Thanks for the feedback :D

little lag

You can change Graphic Settings on menu if the game is lagging, thanks for playing :D


Gave it a go...

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Hey man, we had a lot of fun watching your video and we love having that feedback. we always learn something. The game was a college end job and it would initially have an end boss in the same place where you said it but we had to get it out to deliver the game on time. Maybe in a future version or in a new game we can create all the ideas considered and deliver something even better! Thanks for playing! Greetings from Brazil.


So I know I've only just scratched the surface of this, but so far I'm really liking it! The atmosphere is awesome and the lighting does a lot for the horror aspects of it. The weapon balance seems a little all over the place for me right now, but maybe that'll get sorted out with some later pickups. The pistol feels like a hand cannon, the RPG feels like it only hurts me and the shotgun, while it sounds awesome, feels like a hair dryer. And hair dryers don't fend off zombies well unless you swing them around. Definitely gonna play more of this!


I'm afraid you stretched much more than the surface, my friend! We know that there's some lack of balance in the guns in the game and even the number of enemies needs a tweak. We will release a patch with some fixes in the next days, hopefully it will sort those things out!
This game was made as a college project, so we were not working exclusively on the game. Although it is "released", we know there's a lot of things that can potentially be fixed.
Thank you very much for playing!

Is there still quite a bit of game left? I'd hate to either make a 5 minute second episode or just leave this hanging...

I'm sorry to say, you died right at the end. You actually could finish it if you'd just run through lol
Heroic standing though!


Well, I got the message a little late! But no worries! I played to the end!


I really enjoyed this DEVS, very well put together. It looks great and plays very well so well done to all those involved.



We did not find quite the perfect damage balance of the explosion. Sometimes it is OP, sometimes it barely make any damage lol
We will work on this and release a patch soon!
The post process really slows the game down, disabling it will make it smoother.
Thank you so much for playing!